Friday, November 4, 2011

Get to know your Babies Movements during your Pregnancy

As soon as you feel your baby’s first movements as exciting and amazing as it is try to consciously track its movements.

Get to know the times when you feel your baby move and where you feel the movements.
I have noticed through all my pregnancies that babies tend to move well and frequently for 2-3 days and then have a day or two when they rest.

If you know how and when your baby moves you will notice quickly if there has been less movement than normal, record it and let your L.M.C know quickly if you think something may be wrong.

Try to notice where you feel most of your babies movements note were and how they may be lying. I knew straight away when my 1st baby moved out of my pelvis and lay transverse and I also knew that my second baby was breech before the midwife knew.

It was also possible because I knew how they were both lying for me to turn them into the correct position.

Movements can be felt from as early as 14-15 weeks and as late as 23 weeks. How you feel your baby movements may differ each pregnancy. The amount of amniotic fluid and the placement of your placenta will affect how you feel and track your baby's movements. It is easier to feel movement’s earlier if your placenta is anterior and you have less fluid.

By tracking your baby's movements you will know your pregnancy and your baby!

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