Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Twins Have Arrived!

Congratulations to Gemma and Jay!

The twins arrived safely via C section Tuesday 17th September 2013. We have followed Gemma during her pregnancy from the 7 week scan when they found out that they were expecting 2.

So what are they?......2 Beautiful GIRLS- Twin 1-6lb 1oz and Twin 2- 6lb 2oz.  I guessed the gender and exact weights of the girls correct! 

Gemma looks totally amazing soon after her operation and managed skin to skin with both her daughters to bond with them. How beautiful is the photo and how cute are they?

Skin to skin contact is possible with your baby after a section you just need to make sure you talk to your DR. on what you want post the birth and safe delivery of your little one(s). 

Lets hope Gemma recovers quickly, rests as much as she can whilst in hospital and that she enjoys being a first time mum! Gemma is managing to tandem feed already, go supermum

Look out for blogs following Gemma's recovery post the birth of her beautiful angels 

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