Monday, April 25, 2011

Tips on How to Improve Your babies Position in your Uterus

Optimal Baby position or OFP optimal fetal position

The best position for your baby to be delivered is an anterior position. This is with your baby's head down with its back facing towards your belly button. You do not want your baby to be breech (head up), transverse (lying sideways) or Posterior (lying with their spine facing yours).

There are many exercises you can do to get your baby in the optimum position. You can address how you sit, sleep and relax to achieve this optimal position which is the best for labour and birth. OFP will reduce the need for  medical interventions

We have covered the pregnancy exercises in your  specific training programs - Squats (deep squats when baby is in the right position), hip bridges and lower back stretches are all good for baby's position.The specific exercises will help maintain and achieve OFP

To Improve or Maintain OFP you can think about these points during the day

You need to keep your hips open so your baby's head can drop into your pelvis, your baby needs to remain anterior facing. This is what you can do to help.

·         Do not sit with your legs crossed

·         Do not sit back and slouch in a chair

·         Do not lie on your couch with your feet up

·         Don’t sleep on your back

·         Avoid long car journeys

Instead try:-

Have your knees lower than your hips at all times

Keep your body-weight forward when seated. When you are sitting, turn a chair the wrong way round and lean forward from your hips. Try this at your desk, in meetings or out at a cafes with friends.

Watching the T.V at night? Lean over a Swiss ball or onto a bean bag or do pregnancy yoga stretches or your birthing exercises.

Sleep on your side, make sure you have a pillow under your knee

If you would like to trial a 4 week pregnancy exercise program or a 2 weeks post pregnancy exercise program contact me on my website
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  1. so it is not ok to lie on my side on the couch in the evening?

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  3. Hi thanks for your comment. Yes you can lie on the couch at night on your side, place a cushion under your knee and head. Avoid sitting up with your feet stretched out