Monday, April 25, 2011

A Guide to how much Exercise during Pregnancy

A short guide to how much exercise should you do when pregnant?

This completely depends on your previous exercise levels, current pregnancy fitness, if you are working, if it’s your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, if you are carrying more than one baby and your current medical health.

As a guide aim to exercise 4 times a week I recommend 2 weekly specific strength/gym programs and 2 weekly Cardio sessions. If you are working full or part time or it is your 2nd pregnancy then you may not have the time to fit in any more exercise sessions.

If you have exercised daily previous to your pregnancy, you have no medical or pregnancy complications and this is your 1st pregnancy then you may want to and have the time to exercise daily. This is absolutely fine, remember you are not pushing yourself when you exercise pregnant and you should never feel exhausted after a session. If you are tired take a day off.

From 32-34 weeks aim for 2 rest days and from 36 weeks have up to 3 days rest each week.

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