Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Turn a Breech, Posterior or Transverse Baby

There are many ways you can help turn a baby into the optimal position for birth. These exercises and positions have worked for me with 3 of my pregnancies and for many of my clients.
Be patient do the Exercises for at least 10-14 days. If your baby is still in a poor birthing position at 36 weeks I would suggest Accupuncture. I also have a blog post on this site which includes more exercises to do and positions to avoid

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Exercising During a Twin Pregnancy

A Clients Story

A client of mine experienced a pain free twin pregnancy and recovered quickly enough to start a specific corrective post pregnancy exercise program just 2 weeks after a ‘C’ section.

‘B’ my client for short started training with me 2-3 times a week from 5 weeks pregnant. After an initial movement, flexibility assessment and postural analysis I knew what we had to focus on to make sure she could stay fit, strong, pain free and healthy during her pregnancy.

I developed an exercise program focusing on strengthening her gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles and made sure B was avoiding standing on one hip. This is something that many women do and ‘B’ at 6ft would always try to lower herself be leaning on one hip often. Many females do this and this can be one of the main reasons why so many women suffer back and hip pain during their pregnancy. Read more on reducing lower back and hip pain:

It was at 6 weeks when B was shocked to find out that she was carrying twins. It took a few weeks for that surprise to sink in. It now became even more important that B continued her regular exercise program as carrying a multi pregnancy puts many extra strains on the body. (Read my article: How to exercise carrying a multiple pregnancy )
B was incredibly lucky; she had minimal sickness and tiredness during weeks 6-12 and this was her 3rd pregnancy!She managed to continue with her exercise program throughout this testing 1st Tri-Mester. Apart from suffering from restless leg syndrome from 16+ weeks, which did get worse when she had a week off exercise. This was a pregnancy free from any complications.

During the 1st Tri-Mester B would do 3 gym sessions a week with me and my pregnancy exercise group-Positively Pregnant she would also walk. B also continued to do this through weeks 14-26. It was around week’s 26-27 that her lower back started aching. This was quickly reduced with a simple change in posture and more focus on 2 exercises. From weeks 28 B would just train 3 times a week in the gym with the group.
B continued to train right up to 39 weeks with me, she had no muscular aches and pains, could still walk normally and looked absolutely fantastic.

B is scheduled for a ‘C’ section as one of the twins is breech and blocking the other from pushing down into the canal, after 2 prior vaginal births this is new territory for B. Pictured below at 38.5 weeks
The twins 1 boy and 1 girl were born November 1st the boy weighed a whopping 9.4lbs and the girl was 7lb 3. One of the biggest twin boys her Obstetrician had ever delivered!

B recovered very fast enough for me to check her diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and muscle activation just 2 weeks after the C section and I could set her a post pregnancy re-hab program to follow at home. B was back in the gym just 4 weeks post looking and feeling great.

If you are carrying twins you too can exercise during your entire pregnancy and be completely pain free, providing you have no medical risks. Make sure if you do want to exercise during your pregnancy that you get professional advice and consult with a pre and post natal exercise specialist.

You can purchase a Post Pregnancy 12 week exercise program from my site. It is safe and effective and you can start the exercise program 1-4 weeks after birth

Saturday, January 14, 2012

3 Exercises you can do on a Bean Bag to Relax and to Turn baby into Optimal Birthing Position